Malaysia emerging as data centre powerhouse in Asia

- Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 08:27

Malaysia is emerging as a data centre powerhouse in Southeast Asia and Asia more broadly as demand surges for cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Over the past few years, the country has attracted billions of USD in data centre investments, including from tech giants like Google, Nvidia and Microsoft.

Malaysia emerging as data centre powerhouse in Asia  -0

Most of the investments have been poured into the small city of Johor Bahru, located on the border with Singapore, according to James Murphy, APAC managing director at data center intelligence company DC Byte.

Johor Bahru was named as the fastest growing market in Southeast Asia in DC Byte’s 2024 Global Data Centre Index.

A Johor Investment, Trade, and Consumer Affairs Committee official said the state government would implement more guidelines on green energy use for data centres in June./.