Ninh Binh: livelihood aid provided for people with disabilities

- Friday, 12/05/2023, 15:35

Many disabled people in the northern mountainous province of Ninh Binh have received vocation training and thus earning sustainable livelihoods via support projects launched by the ActionAid Vietnam and Aid for Social Protection Program Foundation Vietnam (AFV).

Ninh Binh: livelihood aid provided for people with disabilities -0
Many people with disabilities in the mountainous district of Nho Quan, Ninh Binh, have been supported with sewing machines to earn stable jobs and increase their incomes. (Photo:

Nho Quan mountainous district houses 4,606 people with disabilities, more than half of whom are unemployed. The two organisations have so far carried out several projects to help the group, with the latest running between January and April this year and helping 275 people, including 64 with disabilities, obtain sustainable livelihoods after the pandemic.

The projects have provided people with disabilities with easier access to preferential loans to develop production along with vocational training to improve their capacity and financial management skills. Thereby, they can reduce their dependence on others and their families also have a more stable life.

Dinh Van Trang, Vice Chairman of the Nho Quan People's Committee, said through the projects, many production models such as beekeeping, pig farming, ginger cultivation and tailoring business have been established, providing jobs and stable incomes for the disabled and their families.

The result has a lasting impact on their lives and contributes to enhancing the responsibilities of parties involved in ensuring the rights of the group, noted the official.

This year, ActionAid Vietnam kicks off the 7th Country Strategic Plan (CSP VII) for 2023-2027, prioritising improving people’s ability to recover and adapt to natural disasters and climate change and building safe communities.

Ninh Binh is home to 26,000 people with disabilities, or 3.1% of the province’s population.