Transport ministry staff trained in gender equality and social inclusion

- Monday, 14/11/2022, 12:11

About 100 professionals from the Ministry of Transport (MoT) completed a gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) workshop in Quang Ninh.

Transport ministry staff trained in gender equality and social inclusion -0
An expert from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) talks about GESI activity with MoT's staff n Quảng Ninh. — Photo courtesy of MoT

Aus4Transport, a transport infrastructure partnership between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Australia, held a five-day workshop to build the skills and capacity of transport officials to mainstream GESI issues when preparing, designing and implementing transport infrastructure projects. 

The workshop, from November 7-11, marked another step forward on the activity 'Capacity Building on GESI and Sustainable Project Management in the Transport Sector', a 445,000 AUD aim 7 billion VND) funded by the Government of Australia and implemented with the support of the MOT's Institute of Transport Administration and Management Cadres (ITM) and the Department of Organisation and Personnel in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The training will be facilitated by a highly-recognised team of experts from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. They have supported the GESI activity since September 2020 and have travelled to Vietnam for this event. 

The professors shared their knowledge and expertise with the participants. They ensured the basic concepts and practices of GESI mainstreaming are tailored to the Vietnamese cultural context and can be easily integrated into MOT's practices. 

According to the MoT, the workshop provided an opportunity for lecturers and participants to meet face-to-face and facilitate the practical application of inclusive approaches and strategies that will ensure GESI mainstreaming across the transport sector. 

The GESI activity is expected to be fully completed by March 2023 with the delivery of the last training course that will assess the progress of the action plans developed during this workshop, celebrating participants' achievements and capturing lessons learned. 

Aus4Transport said it would continue supporting Vietnam's strategic goals and priorities, contributing to building a more prosperous, equitable and inclusive society.

Nguyen Linh Chi